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Decontaminants, Chemical Neutralization, Oxidizing

Definition : Chemical-neutralization decontaminants consisting of powerful oxidizing agents. These decontaminants consist of common oxidizing agents or products especially designed for decontamination. Common oxidizing agents used for decontamination include calcium hypochlorite (Ca[OCl]2), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) (i.e., laundry bleach), potassium permanganate, and aqueous solutions of chloramine-B. Some oxidants especially formulated for decontamination are available, including hyperchlorinated bleaches such as a mixture of Ca(OCl)2 and calcium oxide ([CaO], known as supertropical bleach [STB]) and Oxone (a mixture of several potassium salts). Oxidizing decontaminants are used mainly for decontamination of nerve agents of VX and the G series (e.g., tabun [GA], sarin [GB]) and/or chemical agents such as mustard (H/HD).

Entry Terms : "CaO Decontaminants" , "NaOCl Decontaminants" , "HTH Decontaminants" , "High-Test Hypochlorite Decontaminants" , "STB Decontaminants" , "Supertropical Bleach Decontaminants" , "Neomagnol Decontaminants" , "Chlorine Bleach" , "Chloramine-B Decontaminants" , "Sodium Hypochlorite Decontaminants" , "Calcium Hypochlorite Decontaminants" , "Ca(OCl)2 Decontaminants" , "Oxidizing Decontaminants"

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