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Data Interface Units, Physiologic Monitor/Computer

Definition : Data interface units designed to allow communication between a physiologic monitor and a computer and/or computer peripherals, providing data download capabilities to the monitor and permitting real-time numerical and/or graphical data processing in the computer. These devices typically include an electronic processing unit and wireless or cable connections between the output of a monitor and the input of a computer or computerized network; they may also include appropriate software. Monitor/computer data interface units make possible the analysis of digital data from physiologic monitors (e.g., pulse oximeter, blood pressure, heart rate, weight) and, less frequently, from other bedside devices (e.g., measuring instruments, recorders) that do not allow direct downloading of data to a computer. The interface may reduce the size and weight of small personal or bedside monitors by limiting their activity to data collection and transferring the task of data and graphical processing to a personal computer.

Entry Terms : "Physiologic Monitor/Computer Data Interface Units" , "Information System Data Interface Units" , "Bedside Monitor Data Interface Units" , "Physiologic Monitor Data Interface Units"

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