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Computers, Personal

Definition : Computers designed for use by an individual to store, retrieve, and process data, typically in digital form, following the instructions of one or more programs stored internally, either temporarily or permanently (i.e., software and firmware, respectively). These computers typically consist of a microprocessor-based CPU (central processing unit) that performs simple well-defined functions; with input and output ports for connection to other devices including keyboards pointing devices such as a mouse, joystick, and trackball; data storage devices; and an electronic monitor for image display. Additional peripheral devices, such as printers, plotters, and high-capacity data recorders, are frequently attached to the computer to increase its capabilities. Personal computers are available in several configurations (e.g., desktop, laptop); they are used in healthcare facilities, at physician offices for clinical and administrative data processing, and as a component of data processing; workstations (e.g., radiology, ultrasound, MRI), or information/automation systems.

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