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Collectors, Dust/Debris, Bone Surgery/Postmortem

Definition : Collectors designed to remove dust and other debris from the environment during surgical, postmortem, and/or other procedures involving bone cutting, sawing, and/or drilling. These collectors typically consist of a stand-alone or tabletop unit that includes filters that entrap bone particles and other debris having a diameter in the order of one micron or even less; a low-noise motor that provides suction of the polluted air or a connection to a vacuum source; a collection canister; and appropriate controls. Bone dust/debris collectors are used in orthopedic, plastic, and other surgeries involving bone procedures; they are also used during postmortem (e.g., autopsy) procedures. Surgical collectors connected to vacuum systems may be supplied as sterile disposable units; some dust collectors are an integral part of medical devices such as saws and drilling machines.

Entry Terms : "Bone Dust Collectors" , "Bone Debris Postmortem Collectors" , "Bone Dust Postmortem Collectors" , "Collectors, Bone Dust" , "Surgical Bone Debris Collectors" , "Surgical Bone Dust Surgery Collectors"

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