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Clip Appliers

Definition : Surgical instruments designed for the atraumatic (i.e., without intentional piercing) delivery of clips to tissue, either for temporary or permanent occlusion of anatomic tubular structures. Clip appliers may consist of a metallic forceps-like instrument with special jaws to hold and deliver the clips or instruments including a mechanism for single or multiple insertions of clips. Dedicated clip appliers are available for specific procedures, including fallopian tubal occlusion and hemostasis (both direct blood vessel occlusion and gastrointestinal lining closure); some clip appliers are intended for use through the working channel of endoscopes or through laparoscopes.

Entry Terms : "Applicators, Clip" , "Ligating Clip Appliers" , "Multiple Clip Appliers" , "Single Clip Appliers" , "Appliers" , "Forceps, Clip"

UMDC code : 10894

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