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Clamps, Surgical, Penis, Circumcision

Definition : Surgical clamps designed to to crush the inner and outer skin of the foreskin together to cause hemostasis during circumcision. These clamps are typically manual instruments that provide protection for the glans; usually, the foreskin is excised with a knife or scissors. Circumcision clamps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including reusable and single-use devices and adult and infant sizes.

Entry Terms : "Scissors-Type Circumcision Clamps" , "Penis Circumcision Clamps" , "Clamps, Circumcision" , "Bell Clamps, Circumcision" , "Mogen-Type Circumcision Clamps" , "Gomco-Type Circumcision Clamps" , "Circumcision Clamps"

UMDC code : 10869

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