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Circulatory Assist Units, Peripheral Compression

Definition : Circulatory assist units designed to apply and release pressure on a patient's arms or legs, facilitating the return of blood through the veins. They can be used to minimize venous stasis during and immediately following surgery, as well as during long periods of immobility, reducing the risk of deep venous thrombosis, which can produce pulmonary embolism. These units typically consist of an electric air-compression pump, a pressure-control mechanism, a timing mechanism, tubing connectors, and tubing that conducts the air from the pump to cuffs or pneumatic stockings. Peripheral circulatory assist units are used in clinical facilities or at home; some units are designed to treat chronic edema, including lymphedema.

Entry Terms : "External Pneumatic Compression (EPC) Units" , "Compression Units" , "Circulatory Assist Units, Venous Return" , "Pneumatic Compression Boots" , "Pumps, Extremity" , "Pumps, Antiembolism" , "Pneumatic Counterpressure Units" , "Extremity Pumps" , "Circulatory Assist Units, External Compression" , "Antiembolism Pumps" , "Alternating-Pressure Control Units"

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