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Chambers, Hypobaric

Definition : Chambers that are used to simulate a pressure less than 1 ATM. They are used to simulate hypoxia, decompression, explosive decompression with very low temperatures, loss of oxygen, and loss of cabin pressure. They consist of two main compartments: (1) the high altitude chamber and (2) the decompression chamber. They also contain a two-way communication system, a video system, oxygen and pressurized air supplies, physiological monitoring systems, and a microprocessor. They are capable of "low" decompression (15 seconds to decompress to 18,000 feet) and "rapid" decompression (1 second to decompress to 10,000 feet). They are large, roomlike enclosures that can seat around 12 to 16 people.

Entry Terms : "Hypobaric Chambers"

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