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Chambers, Decontamination, High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide/Particulate

Definition : Decontamination chambers that employ high-pressure gas (typically carbon dioxide) for physical removal of chemical agents including mustard (H agent), nerve agents such as VX and the G series (e.g., tabun [GA], sarin [GB]), from the surface of equipment. These chambers typically include a handgun-like device that delivers frozen carbon dioxide particles (i.e., dry-ice pellets) at supersonic speeds to clean the interior of sensitive equipment and a mobile stand (e.g., a table) that rotates the equipment around the dry-ice-particulate delivering device for full decontamination of all equipment surfaces. These chambers are used for decontamination of very sensitive devices.

Entry Terms : "Particulate Decontamination Chambers" , "Carbon Dioxide Decontamination Chambers" , "High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Decontamination Chambers" , "Dry Ice Particulate Decontamination Chambers"

UMDC code : 20590

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