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Bladder Support Implants

Definition : Implants designed for stabilizing the urethrovesical junction by providing compression of the urethral lumen and support to the urinary bladder. These implants are typically sling-shaped devices made either of biological (i.e., autograft, allograft, xenograft), synthetic (e.g., silicone-elastomer), or bioengineered materials that are intended for urethral, pubovaginal placement during surgical procedures using a transvaginal, prepubic, suprapubic, or transobturator approach; some devices are fixed to the posterior pubic bone by sharp-tipped bone anchors. Bladder support implants are intended mainly for patients with stress urinary incontinence caused by sphincter deficiency or urethral hypermobility.

Entry Terms : "Obturators, Vaginal" , "Urethral Sling" , "Prostheses, Bladder Support"

UMDC code : 13136

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