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Autotransfusion Units, Blood Processing

Definition : Autotransfusion units designed to collect and process blood lost by a patient to obtain red blood cells for subsequent reinfusion into the same patient (i.e., autotransfusion). These units typically include a disposable suction system to collect blood from the surgical field, a reservoir to store the blood, a spinning processing chamber (e.g., centrifugation device) to separate waste (e.g., clotting factors, debris) and wash the red blood cells with saline, particulate microfilters, and a reinfusion bag that stores the red blood cells suspended in saline. Blood processing autotransfusion units are used mainly during surgical procedures, but they may be also used during postoperative recovery and in emergency or intensive care units after trauma.

Entry Terms : "Red Blood Cell Washing Autotransfusion Units" , "Cell Washers" , "Washers, Cell" , "Blood Cell Processors" , "Blood Component Separators" , "Blood-Processing Autotransfusion Units" , "Separators, Blood Cell" , "Frozen Blood Cell Processors"

UMDC code : 17537

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