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Analyzers, Physiologic, Dental Pulp

Definition : Physiologic analyzers designed to evaluate the pulpal vitality of teeth by electrically stimulating the nerve tissue of the pulp. The electric current needed to obtain a patient response to the stimulus is a measure of the condition of the dental pulp. These analyzers usually consist of a high-frequency electronic oscillator, cables, and electrodes to apply the electrical signal; some units include a display. Dental pulp physiologic analyzers are used to determine pulp necrosis, pulpitis, and involvement of teeth that are near lesions.

Entry Terms : "Dental Pulp Testers" , "Testers, Pulp" , "Pulp Testers" , "Dental Measuring Instruments" , "Measuring Instruments, Dental"

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Parkell Inc

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Parkell, Inc. is the United States' leading manufacturer of economical dental electronics (ultrasonic scalers, electrosurgery units, apex locators, curing lights, etc.) This family-owned 61-year-old company also produces a complete range of quality impression materials, cements, bonding agents, and restorative materials, as well as providing a selection of affordably priced endodontic equipment.

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