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Absorption Pads, Menstruation

Definition : Absorption pads designed to be worn by women during their menstrual periods to absorb menstrual fluids. They can also be worn by new mothers at the post-partum period to help with discharge. They are held in place between the woman's vulva and her undergarment either by being adhered onto the user's undergarment or wrapped around the undergarment's gusset. Rarely, they are held in place by being attached to clips or pins on a menstrual belt worn around the woman's waist. Some menstruation pads are designed to be worn once and disposed after use; others are designed to be reused or reworn by washing and drying them after wearing. Reusable pads are usually made of cotton fabric pockets into which absorbent cotton fleece leak-resistant pads are inserted. The absorbent inserts can be layered to accommodate light, moderate, or heavy menstrual flow. They are held in place by wrapping extended fabric tabs around the undergarment's gusset; these flaps may include snaps to help hold the pad in place. Single use disposable pads are usually made of an underlying non-permeable layer (usually made of plastic) which is held against the undergarment; an absorbent layer (usually made of polyacrylate gel, or wood cellulose fibers, or other absorbent material); and a soft, perforated, plastic surface layer that is held against the wearer's body. Disposable pads are available in several different sizes, such as mini, maxi, long, and to accommodate light, moderate, or heavy menstrual flow.

Entry Terms : "Sanitary Napkins" , "OB Pads" , "Menstrual Pads" , "Menstruation Absorption Pads" , "Sanitary Pads"

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