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BDS Custom Strap On Sensors

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Product Literature/Brochure from Introtek International Inc

INTROTEK BDS series custom strap-on and panel mount sensors are utilized for point liquid level & air / liquid column detection on a variety of tubing or fluid reservoirs sizes and geometries. Standard designs can be mounted with a clamp or strap to help position the sensor. For OEM applications, various mounting features, geometries, surface curvatures, multi-point options, etc., can be custom designed to meet the exact form, fit and functional specifications, for eventual integration into a device. Introtek's non-invasive liquid level sensors operate using an ultrasonic, pulse-echo technology. The dependence on signal amplitude to determine air vs. liquid is eliminated. Instead, reflected pulses of ultrasonic signal are monitored within pre-determined "windows" of time in order to determine liquid level in a highly reliable and repeatable manner