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Light Duty Turbozone

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Product Specifications from RGF Environmental

RGF has been an international Leader in Innovative Environmental Systems since 1985. Turbozone is EPA registered No. 67400-FL-001. All units are maintenance free. Turbozone has a full 2 year parts and labor warranty. 1 year on cell. RGF will perform a free unit safety inspection. Leaves no chemical residue. RGF offers a full ozone training manual. For high level non-occupied treatment. Helps control air pollution and sick building syndrome. Turbozone utilizes RGF proprietary Photohydroionization TM process which targets high intensity uv light on a hydrated quadmetallic target in an ozone atmosphere which creates hydro-peroxides, ozonide ions hydroxides and super oxide ions. Fully automatic, easy to use, versatile and portable. Operates unattended with built in timing device. Low power consumption, plugs into a 110V standard outlet.