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Product Literature/Brochure from Carl Zeiss NTS LLC

Axio Examiner offers you exceptional fl exibility in con guring your xed-stage microscope from four upper bodys, two lower bodys and a large number of different components and motorization options to ideally meet your individual requirements. It is both ef cient and economical. eginning with a pure transmitted-light stand to the most demanding systems for Laser Scanning Microscopy.A1 a cost-effective entry-level solution is at your disposal, optically designed to the standard manual or motorized lower body. Axio Examiner.D1 and Axio Examiner. Z1 microscope versions have the innovative refl ector turret of Axio Examiner line and a special optical concept. This new optical design allows improved accessibility to the specimen area for multi-electrode monitoring. When selecting a lower body for Axio Examiner.D1 you can again select between a manual or a motorized version. High-end Axio Examiner.Z1 microscope comprises a special upper body with side port coupling in the in nity space. The lower body of this version is always motorized.objective parfocal length of 45 mm, with options for a