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Large Electrolytic Systems-ML-27

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Product Specifications from CPAC Imaging

Application: Recommended for minilabs, professional labs, commercial labs, and school photofinishers. ML-27 treat all combinations of RA-4 and EP-2 bleach-fix, C-41, C-41B, C-41 RA fixers, and E-6 fixer.Washless stabilizers may also be desilvered. These systems can be plumbed directly to processor fix/ bleach-fix overflow lines, or silver-bearing chemicals may be easily added via an integral funnel assembly.Expected Results: ML-27 units reduce silver content to approximately 100 ppm (mg/l). Tailed with a Trickle TankTM & Vault-I metallic exchange cartridge, each unit can reduce silver content to less than 5.0 ppm (typically 2.0 ppm or less).