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AIRVO 2 Humidifier with Integrated Flow Generator

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User Manual from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc

The AIRVO 2 generates high flows of warmed and humidified respiratory gases, delivered to the patient through a variety of nasal, tracheostomy and mask interfaces.The AIRVO 2 sets a new standard for delivering Optiflow to patients, providing performance and convenience with its integrated flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system.Close to 100% relative humidity at body temperature (37 C) Dew point temperature display, Precise, convenient FiO2 delivery from 21 to 80%. Variety of Optiflow interfaces for upper and bypassed airways, Wide flow range (5-50 L/min) with automatic compensation for changes in patient interface, Wide ambient temperature operating range. Simple controls, Integrated O2 mixing, Inbuilt O2 sensor, No probes or external air supply required.