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Product Specifications from Futuremed America Inc

Animec is a reliable, light weight and easy to use dry heat warmer that directly warms your infusion or blood set as fluid is administered to the patient. Standard tubing is placed in an "S" shaped groove through the heating plate. Temperature sensors in contact with the tubing control the heating and regulate fluid temperature. Benefits: Animec is easy to use. Setup time is 30 seconds. Warm-up time is 4 minutes. No special training is required. No warming set is needed. Animec is used with standard tubing, saving you both money and time. Fluid temperature is automatically regulated. The warming plate adjusts according to the desired temperature of the fluid. Because of its compact size and unobtrusive design, Animec can be placed close to the patient to minimize heat loss after warming. Multiple safety thermostats insure that the fluid does not overheat.