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Item # 009856-000: Hanau-Mate Non-Adjustable Articulator

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Instruction Manual from Whip Mix Corp

Rotate the SPRInG LATCHES toward "OPEn". This permits removal of the UPPER ARTICULATOR MEMBER. To return the HAnAU-MATE to centric, release the SPRInG LATCHES from the "OPEn" position.The CEnTRIC LOCKInG THUMBSCREWS add security and assure an accurate opening and closing of the UPPER MEMBER at centric.The casts may be removed from the HAnAU-MATE by removing the UPPER MEMBER, unscrewing the MOUnTInG PLATE KnOBS and unseating the MOUnTInG PLATE from its locating pin. Mark the serial number of the HAnAUMATE on the casts. This will assure accurate fit in cases where you own more than one HAnAU-MATE ARTICULATOR. Serial numbers appear on the UPPER and LOWER MEMBERS. This matching set of UPPER and LOWER MEMBERS of the HAnAU-MATE should not be interchanged with others.