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Instruction Manual from ABIOMED Inc

The Impella LD Catheter is an intravascular microaxial blood pump that supports a patient's circulatory system. The catheter is inserted directly through the ascending aorta and into the left ventricle. The Impella LD Catheter has an electronic differential pressure sensor located at the proximal end of the 21 Fr cannula. The purpose of the pressure sensor is to generate the placement signal, which is used by operators and the controller to monitor the position of the Impella LD cannula relative to the aortic valve. The pressure sensor is a flexible membrane integrated into the cannula. One side of the sensor is exposed to the blood pressure on the outside of the cannula and the other side is exposed to the pressure of the blood inside of the cannula. The sensor generates an electrical signal proportional to the difference between the pressure outside the cannula and the pressure inside.