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Power PACS Archive Server

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Product Literature/Brochure from RADinfo SYSTEMS

A fast, reliable, and cost effective DICOM image management system for automation of archiving, routing, retrieving, and managing medical images and related patient data. Whether you are a small growing clinic or a large multi-center healthcare facility, PowerPACS Archive Server enables fast, reliable access to images and data whenever you need it, from wherever you are. A fully scaleable solution with infinite storage capabilities, PowerPACS Archive Server is the keystone of RADinfo SYSTEMS total PACS solution. As the central repository for DICOM images and related medical information, PowerPACS Archive Server can store, manage, route and retrieve millions of images - virtually eliminating the problems and expenses associated with traditional film and other forms of modality output. Supports most modalities, including CR, DR, CT, RG, NM, MR and US. Performance & resource monitoring.