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Product Specifications from Quantel Medical Inc

Technical specifications: Laser: Q-switched Nd: YAG; Wavelength: 1064 nm; Pulse width: 4 ns; Energy: 10 mJ / pulse; Energy levels: 0,5-0,7-1-1.3-1.6-2-3-5-7-10 mJ; Spot size: 10 microns; Ionisation in air: < 4 mJ; Aiming beam: dual diode, 637 nm; Cone angle: 16; Burst mode: 1, 2 or 3 pulses; Repetition rate: 1.5 Hz; Slit lamp type: CSO; Magnification: 10x-16x - 25x; Cooling: Air; Power requirements: 90 - 250 VAC, 3.7A , 50/60 Hz.