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VitalGo Total Lift Bed

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Product Literature/Brochure from RecoverCare

The VitalGo TLB is a bed and so much more, with many advantages over conventional patient beds. The revolutionary design allows the bed to raise the patient to a fully standing position and all positions in between, including chair positions. In addition to its clinical benefits, the VitalGo TLB is the best solution for safe patient handling and safe lifting. It eliminates the need for bending and pulling and decreases the chance of caregiver injury. The Patent-Pending technology of the VitalGo TLBB moves the Foot Lifter towards the feet of the patient/user, and only after making contact will the bed start the tilting motion, preventing any unwanted movement of the patient in the bed. If positioning the bed to a fully standing position, the Foot Lifter will gradually lower the patient so when the bed is in a fully standing position the Foot Lifter will be parallel to the floor, allowing the patient to simply walk out of bed, with or without assistance. The patient can also be tilted for treatment, in any desired angle, for as long as needed.