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Product Literature/Brochure from FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA

DRYPIX 2000 is a high-speed, high resolution imager that features all the superior characteristics of imagers, and more. It not only supports multiple film sizes, but can also accommodate up to two magazines. What's more, the system is extremely compact in design, with unprecedented quiet operations. By using the new and revolutionary DI-HT film, superior diagnostic imaging is promised along with extremely long life. This high performance system becomes the optimal choice in both small clinical settings, as well as part of a dispersed system in large hospitals. DRYPIX 2000 supports multi-film sizes. By using an optional sheet-feeder unit, the system can implement up to two magazines. With a printing speed of 75 films per hour for 26 ✕ 36 film, DRYPIX 2000 readily becomes the optimal, high-speed and high quality printer for diverse settings.