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81070, 1 in Dial Thermometer -40 to 70C

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Product Literature/Brochure from VEE GEE Scientific Inc

VEE GEE Brand Dial Thermometers are an excellent choice for many applications including food & beverage quality control, general lab use, asphalt/concrete testing, and soil & compost testing. A wide variety of ranges are available in the three separate sizes. The smaller stem and face of the standard unit fits nicely into a shirt pocket or holder while the face and stem of the large unit allow for deeper penetration into the sample. The large faces and long stems of the 3" Dial models are perfect for soil & compost testing. Cat. no.s 81550G, 82550DG, 82160-6, 82160-12, 82200-36, 82200-48, & 82200-72 feature glass faces