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Antimicrobial MicroClave Neutral Displacement Connector

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Product Literature/Brochure from ICU Medical Inc

Clinically-proven needlefree technology with the integration of an antimicrobial ionic silver additive to improve the barrier against microbial ingress, providing increased protection to immunocompromised patients. The Antimicrobial Microclave needlefree connector contains silver that is impregnated into both the split septum silicone seal and internal blunt cannula, which provides an even and continuous distribution of silver ions. Silver escapes into all areas surrounding the silicone including the internal fluid path and area between the silicone and housing. Features: Ionic silver additive is integrated into both the split-septum and internal fluid path for a continuous 96-hour use life. Demonstrates microbial efficacy with a 99.99% reduction rate of six common bacteria strains. Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip upon connection or disconnection of a luer.