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Invacare Top End Crossfire Titanium Wheelchair

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Product Literature/Brochure from Invacare Top End

The Invacare Top End Crossfire Titanium Wheelchair is the ultra-lightweight, high-performance rigid custom manual wheelchair you want. The chairs open frame construction gives it a cool, minimalist look. And thanks to no under frame, the chair is a breeze to get into or out of a car. There are very few nuts and bolts to loosen or go out of adjustment, which translates to optimum performance and less maintenance and repairs. The "just where you need" them adjustments are easy and fast.The ergonomic seat option provides a built-in sweet spot that promotes a neutral pelvic position for good posture, as well as better pressure distribution for those with impaired trunk control. the Crossfire Titanium Wheelchair is a super value too. Each wheelchair comes standard with adjustable tension upholstery, high performance wheels and high-pressure tires Please refer to the product order form or call 800-333-6900 for more information.Please refer to the Options section of the product order form to order, or call 800-532-8677.Weight Capacity: 250 lb. / approx. 113 kg