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Kronner non-Pneumatic Scope/Instrument Holderfor laparoscopic and other endoscopic surgery

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Product Literature/Brochure from Kronner Medical Mfg

The Kronner Instrument Holder is used for a variety of instruments for laparoscopic and open surgery. The Holder allows the attached instrument to be positioned in a uniform manner, rigidly holds the instrument and prevents it from drifting during use.Two articulating joints control the instrument. Releasing these two joints allows the instrument to be positioned in the desired location, including instrument rotation.A wide variety of instruments with five (5) millimeter shafts can be used with the Holder. The instrument can be joined to the Holder after it has been inserted into the patient or, if necessary, passed through the Holder connnection before patient insertion.The Holder attaches to the side rail of the operating table and can be located so it does not interfere with other operating instruments.The rail grip handle that secures the upright assembly to the rail also sets the height of the cross arm. This height remains constant while position changes are made. However, it can be changed if necessary.The T-handle located on top of the long upright assembly tightens a two-axis joint and the cross arm. The lever on the instrument grip assembly tightens a ball joint that holds the instruments position. These two joints allow the instrument to be uniformly positioned. Tightening the T-handle and depressing the lever locks the instrument in position. The joints lock with more than required torque.The knob between the arm and the instrument grip assembly allows it to be tilted at any angle from 0 - 90 degrees to the arm. This allows for greater variability in instrument positioning.A thumb screw secures the instrument to the Holder. Once the instrument is secured the thumb screw does not have to be re-set during the procedure.