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Product Specifications from Medi-Products

The XR/MICRO TM ICCD Camera System from Stanford Photonics is the smallest in its line of high performance, low-light imaging products incorporating GEN III Ultra/OMNI IV intensifier tube technology. The GEN III Ultra offers the highest resolution, the highest visible and near IR sensitivity and the best signal-to-noise specifications of any 18 MM input format device.* Stanford Photonics uses its own proprietary bonding process to couple these tubes via fiber-optic tapers directly to the CCD image sensor. Direct fiber-optic coupling results in a five to ten-fold increase in sensitivity and higher resolution and contrast in the final video image relative to ICCD cameras using relay optics between the intensifier and image sensor. Advances in power supply and Intensifier tube packaging along with miniaturized CCD drive electronics have resulted in a daylight to starlight camera weighing just over 8 ounces and small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand.