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Chromatography System QuantaSep 5000

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Product Literature/Brochure from Sepragen Corp

The QuantaSep 5000 system is mobile, compact, and capable of providing an operating flow range of 50ml-5L/min. The integrated system has two positive displacement pumps, 8 buffer selection valves, inline mixer, filters and 6 fractions collection valves. It has capabilities of buffer switching, gradient formation, feed pre-filtering, air ejection, conductivity and pH sensing pre and post column, forward and reverse flow in a powerful easy-to-use software package. The software enables buffer and fraction switching based on process conditions and alarms in the event of overpressure, air or leaks. All events are logged and archived. The system is a 42x 30X 28 mobile unit which can be easily moved around. It runs on standard 110//220v power and 90 psi instrument air. It is PC controlled for easy operation, data storage, report generation and analysis.