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Product Literature/Brochure from New Star Lasers Inc

The CTEV provides an ideal treatment for endovenous ablation of varicose veins. The 1320 nm wavelength targets water in the vessel wall, not hemoglobin, which means a much more comfortable procedure for patients without post-op bruising or swelling. Traditionally, varicose veins have been treated in several different ways. The most widely performed treatment has been to surgically strip and ligate the affected veins. Vein stripping can require hospitalization, is often very painful and frequently does not fully solve the problem, requiring additional treatments. Not to mention, surgical procedures can carry a higher risk of complications and can require significant patient downtime. Radiofrequency (RF) heating and sclerotherapy are alternate therapies for the treatment of large vein insufficiencies. The RF technique can be difficult to learn and is very expensive to perform.