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TAS5612LA - Electric Signal Amplifiers, Audio

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Product Specifications from Texas Instruments Inc

The TAS5612LA is a feature optimized class-D power amplifier based on the TAS5612A.The TAS5612LA uses large MOSFETs for improved power efficiency and a novel gate drive scheme for reduced losses in idle and at low output signals leading to reduced heat sink size.The unique pre clipping output signal can be used to control a Class-G power supply. This combined with the low idle loss and high power efficiency of the TAS5612LA leads to industry leading levels of efficiency ensuring a super green system.The TAS5612LA uses constant voltage gain. The internally matched gain resistors ensure a high Power Supply Rejection Ratio giving an output voltage only dependent on the audio input voltage and free from any power supply artifacts.The high integration of the TAS5612LA makes the amplifier easy to use and using TIs reference schematics and PCB layouts leads to fast design in time. The TAS5612LA is available in the space saving surface mount 44-pin HTSSOP package.