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Medical Billing Outsourcing Guide

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White Paper from Kareo, Inc.

The medical billing process grows more complicated every day as insurance reimbursement rates decline, operating costs go up and administrative challenges increase. As the management of medical practices evolves with new technologies, government requirements, quality assurance measures and financial limitations, physicians find themselves pondering the question "Should we hire an outside billing service?"

This whitepaper provides you with critical questions that should be asked when deciding whether to outsource a billing service or keep billing operations in-house.

The business of medicine is growing more complicated every day as insurance reimbursement rates decline, operating costs go up, and administrative challenges increase. From elaborate and confusing payment systems and intricate compliance requirements to IT-related issues like security and reliability, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the business of your practice without losing focus on the quality of care your patients receive.The consequences of neglecting your business operations are great. It can cause lost revenue, decreased cash flow, increased operating costs, too much time and attention spent on administrative matters, and ultimately can lower your bottom line.