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White Paper from OsteoMed Corp

The OSTEOMED SPINE PrimaLOK™ FF Facet Fixation System is designed to stabilize the posterior elements of a spinal level as an adjunct to fusion in the lumbar spine. These facet screws are cannulated to assist in placement and have a cancellous thread form for fixation into the pedicle. The 4.5mm diameter PrimaLOK™ FF screw implant assembly is available in 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and
45mm lengths to accom­modate variations in anatomy. The PrimaLOK™ FF Facet
Fixation System provides instruments to facilitate proper placement of the screws. These include an access needle, guide wire, wire stiffener, cannula
inserter assembly, standard cannula, EMG cannula, cannulated tap, cannulated drill, ratcheting driver handle, implant driver, threaded implant driver shaft
- cannulated, threaded implant driver shaft - solid, and implant removal driver.