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How to Survive the ICD-10 5010 Transition

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White Paper from Kareo, Inc.

It’s coming. October 1, 2013 will be here soon. The federal government has mandated that, by that day, all healthcare practices must be using ICD-10-CM. This transition is truly a significant change and should not be taken lightly. With ICD-10, practices will be coding with more detail, increased compatibility, and greater flexibility. Making the switch will take a good amount of patience and persistence, good communications and sound leadership.

Look to this white paper for a five-step guide that will ensure a successful transition. Author Nancy Maguire is a nationally-renowned, 30-year veteran of the procedural and diagnostic coding
industry. Her expert guidance is guaranteed to help medical office professionals make the proper preparations and the best transition to ICD-10. In this paper, she’ll provide several strategies for understanding the new codes, an implementation plan, and a comprehensive timeline for ICD-10 transitions. With her help, your changeover can be stress-free and successful.