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Product Literature/Brochure from Hampden Engineering Corp

Hampden H-DIT-2A Digital Interval Timer Purpose. The Hampden MODEL H-DIT-2A Digital Interval Timer is used to display time of day and to measure and display elapsed time in hours. minutes and seconds. Time is displayed on easily-read 0.8 inch high LED numerals. Time of day or elapsed time is clearly legible from distances up to 35 feet. Elapsed time is measured on a 24-hour basis. Time of day may be shown in 12-hour segments (for which 01:00:00 follows 12:59:59), or on a 24-hour basis (for which 00:00:00 follows 23:59:59). The Hampden MODEL H-DIT-2A con-tains a battery that assures the keep-ing of correct time when AC power is removed. When required, the Digital Interval Timer may be automatically reset to 00:00:00 and started by a CODE BLUE signal.