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User Manual from Sunnex Inc

The lamp head is constructed of high impact polycarbonate, which offers certain protection not available with metal reflector lights. The covers and frame provide a safeguard to the reflectors encased within their design. Along with good physical and thermal qualities, polycarbonates offer the added advantage of presenting a level of protection against possible current leakage. The reward is a lack of heat build-up that is normally experienced with metal reflectors, thus eliminating the danger of contact burns from a hot reflector surface. The lamp head rotates 359 degrees in either direction at the point at which it attaches to the DUAL/FLEX, vinyl coated arm. The control of its movement is via the handles built into the lamp head frame. The TRISTAR lamp head has been designed to accept a Sterilizable handle. Should you desire this option, order a STERILIZABLE HANDLE & MOUNT ASSEMBLY, COMPLETE, P/N STHM-2.