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No 600 Blood Pressure Simulator Arm

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Instruction Manual from Simulaids Inc

The screen for the trainer is accessed by turning on the Palm handheld and going to the home screen (small house on the lower left of the PDA permanent display) where all of the installed programming icons are located. Tap on the B/P Arm icon (listed alphabetically) to initiate the program. Simply tap the corresponding arrows to raise or lower the settings desired for your training purposes. It is likely that the B/P cuff will need to be calibrated to the control box settings. To do so tap the upper left corner of the handheld's screen ("BP Arm" shown in the above graphic) and you will get a drop down list of choices. Pump the B/P cuff until the gauge reads 150 and wait until it stabilizes at 150 mmHg. At that time, tap the "Calibrate" item on the drop down list and the calibration is complete. Release the air in the cuff and the trainer is ready for your next student.