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Instruction Manual from Symbio Corp

The CS301Code Simulator is an easy to use training tool that allows you to practice defibrillation procedures, external pacing procedures, and arrhythmia recognition. Connect your defibrillator and external pacer directly to the CS301 for safe, interactive training. For arrhythmia recognition, select from 17 rhythms, including fibrillations, tachycardias, and bradycardias. The convert feature allows you to convert automatically from one rhythm (running rhythm) to another rhythm (waiting rhythm) when a discharge is delivered from a defibrillator set to 50J or more. To perform convert operation: Press convert key. Indicator of running rhythm pulses brighter. Press key of rhythm to be simulated immediately after defib discharge. Indicator of this (waiting) rhythm blinks on and off. Discharge defibrillator. The waiting rhythm becomes the running rhythm.