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Dr. Ajit Nemi Increases Efficiency and Saves Time

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Case Study from Modernizing Medicine, Inc.

Dr. Ajit Nemi, an ophthalmologist in Alpharetta, Georgia, first opened his clinic, Lotus Vision, in 2008 and began using a free electronic medical records (EMR) system that was provided to him. As the patient volume increased, Dr. Nemi quickly began to realize that this EMR system was only slowing him down because it was not ophthalmology-specific.

Increases Efficiency and Saves Time will explain how Dr. Nemi's practice was able to find an EHR Software that:

o Created better efficiency within the practice

o Incorporated the new ICD-10 codes

o Provided an intuitive interface for all staff

Learn how optimize your ophthalmic practice through this informative whitepaper from Modernizing Medicine.