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Yes, You Really Do Need a Patient Portal

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White Paper from ICD-10 IQ Center

Some practices that added patient portals in the last year or two have been disappointed by low rates of patient adoption. While some of those who have waited on portals have felt vindicated.

But if you're thinking that portals are some fad that you can avoid altogether, think again. The government's Meaningful Use requirements are making it almost impossible to avoid adding a portal any longer.

Besides, patients do want the ability to manage more of their own care on their own time, and that's what portals enable. Where patient adoption has been low, practices have usually not done much to encourage their patients to sign up, or have opted for only the minimal portal functionality.

As this article explains, the more patients are able to do for themselves online, like request appointments and prescription refills, review their records, and pay their bills, the more they will love your practice. And the less time your staff will spend on the phone.