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Why Asking “How Much Does it Cost?” is the Wrong Way to Start EHR Shopping

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White Paper from EHR IQ Center

"How much does it cost?"

It seems like a reasonable question when you're considering a crucial new piece of technology for your practice, like an EHR.

After all, most systems are expensive. And cash flow at any small or mid-sized business is tight. So most of the time, watching your nickels makes perfect sense.

But beginning your EHR shopping experience by comparing systems' price tags is exactly the wrong way to go about it. For starters, the "price" of your EHR generally reflects only about a third of its total implementation costs, and that's assuming you buy the right EHR for your practice and implement it on schedule.

And the most costly mistake a practice can make is not paying "too much" for the perfect system. It's buying the wrong system, enduring the lost productivity and frustration of implementing it, eventually scrapping it, and then buying a new system.

Now that will cost you.

Find out, instead, the right - and ultimately less expensive -- way to go about the process by clicking here.