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Cosmopolitan Medical Communications (CMC) Case Study

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White Paper from TigerText

The recent HIPAA Omnibus Rule changes is redefining HIPAA-compliant communications and affecting how answering services forward patient concerns to on-call physicians. In order to stay HIPAA compliant, Cosmopolitan Medical Communications (CMC) realized it would need to change its operating procedures as it could no longer utilize standard text messaging to relay patient calls to physicians.

With the need to keep all communications HIPAA compliant, CMC needed to quickly find a secure messaging solution that would ensure all messages sent were able to be logged and tracked as well as the system selected would be able to embrace its clients' preferred method of communication.

Cosmopolitan Medical Communications: Increases Staff Efficiency and Saves Clients Time and Money reviews how implementing secure text messaging improved productivity, enhanced security and HIPAA compliance and saved both time and money.