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Top 7 Preparations For HIPAA Omnibus Changes

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White Paper from TigerText

The new HIPAA rules took effect September of 2013. The rules were designed to improve privacy for patients' medical records, tighten the definition of who may access those records, and redefine what should happen in the event of a security breach. It's in your interest to understand the new regulations so you can develop protocols necessary to protect your patients--and yourself.

As a result of the new rules, you and your staff will need to:

o Learn the new complex regulations.

o Develop procedures to prove you're following the rules.

o Ensure that you're accountable for any violations.

Be prepared and avoid hefty fines that are in HIPAA breaches by reading Top 7 Preparations For HIPAA Omnibus Changes. This Guide will inform you on what's new in the HIPAA regulations, and how you should respond.