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EHR ROI (Part 1): How to Measure Return Investment and Why You Should

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Journal/Article Reprint from EHR IQ Center

If you've ever been told that you "can't afford not
to buy" an EHR, then you may have wondered: How exactly does one measure something like that?

Return-on-investment is an old business buzz term, but it's an important concept to understand when considering an acquisition like a new EHR. A good system brings value that's tangible and measurable, like increased efficiency that lets you see more patients, and fewer claims denials to increase cash flow.

And the wrong system? You've already heard the stories.

Measuring ROI is subtle, but possible. EHR ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment and why You Should takes you through the process
in plain English.

Don't sign that EHR contract until you understand exactly what you're getting for your money.