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To Buy or Lease-Understanding EHR Financing Options

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Journal/Article Reprint from EHR IQ Center

You've resisted purchasing an EHR for years. Maybe you don't like the systems you've seen. Maybe you don't see any reason to change. Or maybe you resent the pressure being applied by the
government, hospitals, and vendors.

But if your practice is like most that have yet to make the switch, the biggest barrier is cost.

EHRs are expensive. And cash flow is tight.

But you're running out of time. If you don't act soon, the government incentive dollars that will help reimburse your costs will no longer be available. And
they'll be replaced by a penalty on every Medicare check you receive. You need an EHR. So how are you going to pay for it?

This article will help you sort out the myths from the facts when it comes to EHR-buying. Learn the difference between "client-server" and "cloud-based" systems and discover surprising facts when it comes to their relative costs. And find out your options for raising the cash to purchase the right EHR for you.