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Connectivity: Get Connected. Be Interoperable. Start now.

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White Paper from NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc

Does Your EHR Play Nice With Others?

If you think that merely purchasing an electronic health records system is sufficient to get the government off your back … think again.
Your EHR must also be able to talk to your hospital and referral partners’ EHRs, too.

The ability of doctors to access patients’ current health records immediately — regardless of location, time or practice setting — is the most important promise of computerized health records. And it’s a crucial element of the government’s latest Meaningful Use requirements.

But where does that leave you? You’re a doctor, not a technologist. You don’t have time to learn technical standards.

And let’s face it: Every EHR vendor claims that it has
that whole “interoperability” thing covered. But how can you be sure? Do you know what questions to ask … and what the answers should be?

Get Connected is an easy-to-read electronic booklet that tells you everything you need to know about EHR interoperability — and nothing you don’t — in plain English.

No techno babble. No sales pitches. Just answers.