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Embracing the Challenges of Changing EMR Software in a Busy Practice

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White Paper from Medical Mastermind

"I ended up going back to my old way of writing charts."

Sound familiar? It's the nightmare scenario for practices adopting an EHR: picking the wrong one. Many practices, after making the switch, find that the system they bought is so wrong for them that they want to go back to paper

That's what Dr. Dharmesh Bhakta did. He was using one system for billing and another for document management. But neither was right for his practice, so he was also charting by hand. "Our practice was partially electronic and partially paper," he explains.

That's the worst of both worlds.

Yet it happens all the time to practices trying to make difficult transitions from paper to electronic charting.

And it could happen to yours.
But it doesn't have to.

The Solution
Today, Dr. Bhakta is using a single EHR system for notes and billing. He found "the one system that did everything that we were looking for in order to make us faster and compliant with government."

This white paper explores how he did it in this firsthand account.

It's important to learn from your own mistakes.  Here's your chance to learn from someone else's.