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Ten Tips for Successful EHR Deployment

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Journal/Article Reprint from EHR IQ Center

As healthcare providers complete or plan their adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and paper records migrate to electronic files provided to dozens of healthcare intermediaries, breeches of protected health information are skyrocketing, and so are dissatisfaction rates with EHR solutions.

Running a multi-physician practice today, amid a plethora of government and other third-party regulations and myriad revenue challenges, is a very different experience than it was two or three decades ago.

In order to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare arena, improving workflow efficiency is essential. Practices need to optimize their workflow and practice strategies before fully implementing office automation deployment like EHRs, because which EHR features/functions will be most important will depend on the practice's five-year objectives.This article from The Journal of Medical Practice Management, provides 10 practical and well outlined tips to ensure a successful EHR system deployment and circumvent the numerous EHR land mines.